Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Delete Services In Windows XP & Vista

First of all I suggest you to make a "Restore Checkpoint" before removing the service, In case of any problem then you can use this restore point to recover your windows.

1.Restart your machine and press f8 then goto safemode.

2.From start menu choose Run and type in services.msc and press enter key.

3.In the service window find the service that you want to delete it, then right click on it and choose properties from the menu.

4.In the properties window find the name of the service and copy it to the clipboard.(in case if the service running now just click stop button on bottom of this page to kill the process related to this service)

5.Click start menu , choose run then type in CMD and press enter to run command line.

6.after that the command line started type sc delete servicename  and press enter.(Instead of service name in red color put the name of that service you want to delete).
if the service deleted successfully you will see this message : "[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS"
now you can press the refresh in the service window and there is no such service with that name!

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