Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Start Android Development

Today i started to do some android programming and thought it might be good if i share the method of installing the SDK & whatever you need for starting Android development. So by following these step you can start developing your first application! 

  1. The first step is to download and install Eclipse.
    Eclipse is a good environment for Android developers. you can download it from Download Eclipse. remember to download the  Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers version, its 260MB.
    you don't need to install anything just extract the files from the zip file into a folder and then you can run the Eclipse IDE.
  2. Get the Java Development Kit (JDK)
    you can download the JDK from Download JDK . after downloading install the JDK by using the Setup file. if you already have the JDK there is no need to download it again.
  3. Download the Android SDK
    you can download the Android SDK  from Download Android SDK . you can easily install the SDK by using the setup file.
  4. Configuring the Eclipse
    now you need to configure the Eclipse for Android. Run the eclipse , go to help menu  > Click on Install New Software > click on "Add" button.
    put "Android" as name. Add this for link.
    now click ok.

    then click both check boxes and press next button, It will download Android ADT. after finishing close the eclipse and reopen to finish up the config process.
  5.  Configuring the Android SDK
    from Start menu find Android SDK Tools and under it click on Android SDK Manager.

    Now choose the version that you want to start programming for that! for me i tick the "Android 4.1" the latest version , and press install the package.
  6. Setup Android Virtual Device
    from Start menu find Android SDK Tools and under it click on Android AVD Manager. this program will create an Android Device simulator to test your programs on it.
    now press new.

    now in this window in name field give a name for your virtual device, i put "My_Droid".
    then select the version of Android that you want to program for that in the "Target" section.
    for now put 30 for Sd. and for skin select the Built in and press Create AVD.
    later you can edit this device or even add more new devices!
  7. Now we need to configure Eclipse again . Run the Eclipse. goto Window menu > Preferences.
    now click Android from left tree.On the right side press Browse and select the place you install the Android SDK and then press Apply then OK. (It might configured automatically so in that case leave it alone!)

  8. Now ready to start!
    Ok, now we are done with Installation and Configuration process. you can start your very first project by running the Eclipse, then from "file" menu click on "new" and click on Project.
    now from this tree choose Android. then click "Android Application Project" and press next.
If you need more detailed help about how to write the first project you can read more here:

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