Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Malware In Java , How To Disable Java

According to FireEye researcher Atif Mushtaq, the latest version of Java 7 is vulnerable, but some reports say Java 6 and earlier versions may not be vulnerable. 
"New Java zero-day vulnerability has been spotted in the wild. We have seen this unpatched exploit being used in limited targeted attacks. Most of the recent Java run-time environments i.e., JRE 1.7x are vulnerable. In my lab environment, I was able to successfully exploit my test machine against latest version of FireFox with JRE version 1.7 update 6 installed." he said on FireEye .

we strongly suggest you to disable the java if you don't use it commonly  until Oracle release the patch for this bug.

How to disable Java in Firefox

In Firefox press CTRL + SHIFT + A  to open Add-Ons Manager Page.
Then click Disable Button in front of those item that have JAVA.

How to disable Java in Internet Explorer

From the Tools menu click on Manage Add-Ons.

then in this window find the java and click the disable.

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