Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reverse Image Searching by TinyEye

Do you know that there are some search engines exist , you can give them a picture and they will show you websites that contain the picture. TinEye is one of these reverse image search engines. You just need to upload your picture in TinEye and  it will search the internet for websites that have this picture in them, even it can recognize pictures that are smaller, bigger or cropped.sometimes it can recognize edited pictures.
you can see some example of source picture and what founded in result below:

Tineye is capable of searching images in JPG , GIF and PNG format and the size of image should be less than 1MB. And the plugin of TinEye is exist for these browseres Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer & Opera.

It was very useful for me.I just install the plugin for firefox and whenever i become suspicous to somebody profile picture and i want to see if she put a famous actor/singer picture... i just right click on her picture and click search by tineye ... if the result exist i know that she is fake and even i know who is the real owner of photo! otherwise the possibility is high its her own picture! 

you can see more cool results of TinEye here.

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