Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Search by Image in Google

Sooner i posted an article about doing reverse image searching , but  today i want to introduce a new service from Google that started at October 2011 and it will give you the similar and maybe more powerful features. This service named "Search By Image " .
Its very easy to use, for example you have a picture of something or somebody and you need to find out where was the source of this picture or you need more information about that picture, you just need to go to and then switch to Image Section and just drag the image from your computer to your browser page and drop it there... it will start upload your image on Google and it will look for similar pictures and more description and information about it for you.
If you don't want to use the drag and drop feature, you can go to image section of Google and click on the camera icon inside the search box then it will let you to upload your image for reverse image search.
This service also have Add-ons for Firefox and Chrome , that will help you to do the search by image only by doing a right click everywhere on the web on any images!

Search by Image Add-on for Mozilla Firefox
Search by Image Add-on for Google Chrome

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