Monday, April 22, 2013

F-Secure #Hackathon 2013

AmirMohammad Sadeghian, one of the competitor at F-secure #Hackathon2013

Last week F-secure Hackathon took place at F-Secure HQ located at Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur.

They ask us to design an application with use of their API's in 24 hours. During the brainstorming i decided to design a chrome extension that check the safety of URL's that user browse by using the URL Reputation API of F-secure. everything was good but unfortunately i was alone and didn't have any team member so i had to put more time on the project and the final outcome was not that much good that i expected But for F-secure innovation in using API's was really important.

Group picture of competitor at F-secure #Hackathon2013

My Google Chrome extension project abilities:

  • Checking the safety of result of Google web search link (and showing the safety level by a green/orange/red) icon in front of each link.
  • Showing the level of safety of current webpage by a small number between 1 to 5 on the icon of the extension.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Matlab Program to Watermark/ Extract/ Calc PSNR / Salt Attack (Steganography)

X. Write a Matlab program that received a host image (512x512). Embed an watermark image into host image by using;
i. Embed at 8th bit then check PSNR
ii. Embed at 7th bit then check PSNR
iii. Embed at 6th bit then check PSNR
iv. Embed at 5th bit then check PSNR

Test robustness by using salt and pepper with level 0.01 to 0.09.
Write another program to extract the watermark after the watermarked image has been attacked. Display the all the images produced.

For getting the best result PLEASE TRY ON GRAYSCALE BITMAP IMAGES !!!

Water Marking Program
bit=input('Please enter which bit you want to use for watermarking? (8 | 7 | 6 | 5)');
[filename1,pathname]=uigetfile('*.*','Please select the cover image');
' developed by Amir

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