Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Reset Windows Password

Windows login screen

If you forgot your Windows log on password , Do Not worry anymore! There is no need to re install windows. Today I'm gonna introduce a tool which easily can reset the login password of your windows and you can get in to your windows without any trouble.

Basically this tools is an ISO image that you have to write it on a CD/DVD  which is contains a Linux bootloader and a Linux tools that allow you to have access to the windows SAM file. Windows store all login username password in the SAM file.

This tool is very powerful here are some of its abilities:
  • This tool will show you the list of available users in the windows and their privileges  (Administrator / Normal User)
  • Disable / Reset any specific user, password.
  • Change the password to a new password without knowing the previous one.
  • Change the privilege level of a user to administrator.



For using this tool you need to have access to a secondary PC for downloading and writing the tool on a DISK (Setp 1-2).
  1. First download the tool from this link: Download
  2. Next write the ISO file using any image burner into a blank CD or DVD. 
  3. Change the setting of your PC Bios to boot from Disk Drive , Save and Exit.
  4. Put the "Windows Password Reset Tool DISK" into the Disk drive and turn on the PC.
  5. On the first screen please wait few second until it bootup.Root25 Windows reset password CD is a bootable linux disk for removing windows password
  6. Now you must see something similar to the following screen , In this screen it will show the list of your hard drives (Partitions) .Each one have a number in front of them , please enter the number of that drive your Windows is installed in. (In this example we have only 1 Partition  /dev/sda1/ " So we have to enter number 1 and press enter.
  7. Now you have to see an screen like below. This is asking for the Path of your SAM file. The tools can find it by it self. SO JUST PRESS ENTER!
  8. Now in this screen , enter number 1 and press enter. ("Password reset (sam system security)")
  9. In the following screen, again enter number one "1" and press enter. (Edit user data and passwords)
  10. Now in this screen you can see the list of all users in your Windows. Now you have to choose the username that you want to remove the password for that. In this example I want to remove the password belong to "Mr.A" so i will write "Mr.A" and press enter.List of windows users and their premissions
  11. Now in this scree you can see all settings belong to selected username. here you have to enter 1 and press enter.
    Reset password tool is showing privileges of administrator user
  12. Now in the next screen you can see that password already cleared and you have to enter "!" and press enter to goto previous screen.
  13. Next in this screen you have to press "q" and then press enter.
  14. This screen will ask you are you sure you want to write these changes into the SAM file, Please enter "y" and press enter.
  15. In next screen you can see "Edit is Complete", now press "n" and press enter.
    Windows password successfully removed
  16. This screen means everything finish properly and you have to restart your machine. (Please remove the CD/DVD from disk drive before restart) And you can goto windows without requiring login.
  • If you want to change a normal user to administrator in level 11 you have to choose (3).


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