Monday, August 26, 2013 1st Birthday

Today 26. August is the first birthday of website. Even during this past year I was busy with my studies , but I try my best to maintain the website with good content and answer visitors.
I would like to say THANK YOU to all fans which support root25 during this past year.
Lately I start a new track in the website and its "free online information security classes" which already started on 5th of August. These classes started from beginner level and will continue to professional security and penetration classes. I try to post valuable and unique content which help us improve the traffic of website as well.  I hope you will be happy with the site and support us by sharing and spreading the name of "".
Now I would like to share some statistic related to root25 for our dear fans and followers. 

root25 Google + profile got 1,186 followers.
root25 Twitter profile got 1,185 followers.
root25 Facebook profile got 774 fans.
root25 Stumbleupon profile got 129 followers. visitors Visitors visitors map overlay Visitors map overlay. visitors countries Visitors countries visitors browser technology Visitors browser technology

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