Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adding Custom Contact Form to WordPress

First of everything I am very sorry that I didn't update the website for a long time. I was really busy with my academic researches. Now  I am more free and try to update the website more regularly.

Today post is regarding adding a custom contact form to wordpress blog script. Sooner one of my customers ask me that we need a website on core of wordpress and moreover we need a custom form which should email the details of the form, when the submit button pressed.

For adding a custom form which be able to email the form data to a specific recipient (webmaster), we have to do the following steps:

  1. First I suggest to do this experiment in your local host, after a successful result you can apply it to your host. 
  2. Go to your current template path. In my case it is : "\wp-content\themes\twentythirteen".
  3. Make a new PHP file and rename it to "custom-form.php".
  4. Create a folder and rename it to "form-files".

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